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Landmannalaugar Highland 4X4 adventure Private Tour in Iceland

Updated: Apr 29

Looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience? Look no further than the Landmannalaugar region of Iceland. This stunning area is known for its otherworldly landscapes, including colorful mountains and geothermal hot springs. But it's not just the scenery that makes Landmannalaugar such a special destination - it's also the sense of adventure that comes with exploring a remote and rugged part of the world. And the best way to experience it all is a private tour with a Landmannalaugar local tour guide. From hiking through lava fields to soaking in natural hot springs, this tour offers a chance to discover the hidden gems of Iceland while immersing yourself in its stunning natural beauty.

So if you're ready to step off the beaten path and embark on an unforgettable journey, join us for a Landmannalaugar tour and prepare to be amazed.

Torfajökull rhyolite caldera seen from tour hike in Landmannalaugar
Torfajökull rhyolite caldera seen from tour hike in Landmannalaugar

This quality tour has been offered since 2018 and is operated by Hit Iceland and Einar Páll Svavarsson to Landmannalaugar from Reykjavík City and back. It is a journey to some of the most impressive landscapes and exciting attractions in Iceland and possibly to the most breathtaking places on the planet inside the stunning Torfajökull Caldera. My specialties are natural wonders, inspiring places in Icelandic nature, and places of historical and geological importance, especially in the Highland. If you want to get the most out of a day tour with a knowledgeable local expert on Iceland by your side in a new modified 4X4 vehicle, this is your tour.

Colorful rhyolite mountains in Landmannalaugar
Colorful rhyolite mountains in Landmannalaugar

It is a private tour of a maximum of four passengers. The tour is a visit to the Highland, and we go to one of the most captivating places you can find in Iceland, the northwest part of the Torfajökull caldera and the only entrance possible in a vehicle. The purpose of the tour is to show natural wonders as well as presenting the beauty, the landform, geology, landscape, and the feeling you experience when you are close to spectacular natural wonders. The tour is offered from the time Landmannalaugar road opens in spring, usually in the middle of June (occasionally in late May) until late September when the snow starts to fall. During winter, everything in Landmannalaugar and the Islandic Highlands is covered with snow and not particularly interesting.

What can we tell you about Landmannalaugar and Torfajökull Caldera?

Hiking up to the top of Mt. Brennisteinsalda to enjoy the spectacular view
Hiking up to the top of Mt. Brennisteinsalda to enjoy the spectacular view

Landmannalaugar is perhaps better described as an area of mysterious landscape rather than a place. In essence, it is the northernmost part of the spectacular and unique volcanic system, Torfajökull Caldera, which is best known for its colorful rhyolite mountains. It is a vast region in the highland with many different hiking trails, mysterious and colorful valleys, warm creeks mixed with geothermal water, glacial rivers, spring-fed rivers, geothermal pool, volcanos, lava fields, and mountain peaks with stunning views towards impressive hot springs and rhyolite mountains of many different colors. In Landmannalaugar, you can explore, hike, relax, and experience. You can also have a walk through a mysterious small valley with small hot springs all around you. If you are interested in photography, the motives and landscapes to capture are endless. In Landmannalaugar, you can place yourself in a unique spot and easily find your private sanctuary among the magnificent colors of rhyolite mountains as you walk some of the beautiful Landmannalaugar tracks. The Hit Iceland tour is a perfect way to learn about Landmannalaugar, to understand what the Highland is all about, and how to drive on F-roads.

What is there to see along the way to and from Landmannalaugar?

Sigöldugljúfur canyon
Sigöldugljúfur canyon

The drive to Landmannalaugar is scenic, through a continually changing landform. As one of our passengers told us, it is like driving from one painting to another but all very different, for example, a drive through beautiful farmlands to a black sand wasteland. Along the way, we visit one of the most beautiful canyons, Sigöldugljúfur, known for its many small and spectacular spring-fed waterfalls. It is a stop that usually takes people’s breaths away, and the reaction is often a double wow. We also stop by a stunning volcanic crater, a maar, or an explosion crater, as it is called in Icelandic. Like Sigöldugljúfur, it is a spectacular site and one of only a few you can find in Iceland. We also make a short stop at Frostastaðarvatn Lake, close to Landmannalaugar. On our way back, we drive through the lava fields of Dómadalur Valley and by the Volcano Hekla, one of the most active volcanos in Iceland for many centuries. It is a tour of wow, ooh, gosh, and stunning.

Landmannalaugar private tour from Reykjavík to Háifoss Waterfall and Hnausapollur Crater

Háifoss waterfall
Háifoss waterfall

The tour starts in Reykjavík at 8:00 AM and takes you along the south coast through Selfoss Town and then straight to the edge of the Highland. Our first stop, around 10:00 AM in the morning, is at Háifoss Waterfall, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland. From there, we continue about for a half-hour drive to the magnificent small waterfalls in Sigöldugljúfur Canyon. The canyon is among the most photogenic places in Iceland, but it is not visited by many. From Sigöldugljúfur, we drive through a large lava field to the Hnausapollur volcanic crater, which is accompanied by a small turquoise-colored lake.

Hnausapollur crater
Hnausapollur crater

After the Hnausapollur explosion crater during our Landmannalaugar private tour, we stop by Frostastaðavatn Lake, which presents a magnificent Highland view. By the lake, you have a great view over a significant part of the Highland. After viewing the crater, the lake, and admiring the landscape, we continue the short distance towards the mountains around Landmannalaugar, crossing rivers and stopping at the service center. We arrive at around 12:30 PM, a good time for a light lunch. Our stop in Landmannalaugar is about three and a half to four hours.

Landmannalaugar private tour and the stop at Landmannalaugar, hiking, and the geothermal pool

The geothermal pool - a natural pool in nature in Landmannalalugar
The geothermal pool - a natural pool in nature in Landmannalalugar

When we arrive in Landmannalaugar, we stop by the service center, and it is an excellent opportunity to take a hike with me, preferably to the Laugahringur or the Landmannalaugar lava field circle. It is a short hike that takes you through the interesting area of lava that erupted from Brennisteinsalda Volcano and flooded in the late 15th century. We also hike by some small smoking hot springs, geothermal/sulfur steam, and back through the small colorful gulley Grænagil (Green gulley). The 4-km hike and an elevation of about 100 meters takes roughly an hour and a half; it is a breathtaking introduction to the kind of landforms and landscape you encounter in the Landmannalaugar area. There is also another option to go for: the top of Brennisteinsalda Volcano, which takes about an hour and a half more in addition to Laugahringur; it is an exceptional peak that presents a 360-degree view to a vast part of the Icelandic Highland. The Brennisteinsalda hike and the addition to the Laugahringur hike and is about 7 kilometers (2 miles) with an elevation of 300 meters. It is a relatively easy but stunning walk that takes about 3 to 3 and a half hours.

Hiking back from Mt. Brennisteinsalda
Hiking back from Mt. Brennisteinsalda

Finally, when we come back from the hike, you can dip into the famous Landmannalaugar geothermal natural pool. So, it is essential to bring hiking shoes and a small backpack with a bottle of water, sandwiches, light lunch, and some snacks as well as a towel and swimming suit to enjoy this stop to it fullest.

The drive back through Dómadalur Valley

Landmannalaugar Service Center
Landmannalaugar Service Center

From Landmannalaugar, we continue our tour at around 4:30 PM, depending on the activity. We begin by driving through the scenic drive through the Dómadalur Valley. The drive takes us through some magnificent landscape that is typical to the Icelandic Highland: vast fields of lava, small lakes, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, creeks and a 4X4 highland road, a landform often referred to as moon-like landscape. No wonder it was one of the filming locations at Radleys Scott Prometheus. It is a magical scenic drive that ends by the Volcano Hekla that could display one of its small eruptions at any time, according to geologists. We will stop once or twice just to take a photo and inhale the amazing moment of being in the Highland. From Hekla, we drive to Reykjavík and can expect to be there between 7:00 to 8:00 PM, so it is a long day tour.

A once in a lifetime experience?

Interesting lava landscape that you will see and experience along tha way
Interesting lava landscape that you will see and experience along the way

For most people, this tour is a once in a lifetime experience. It is an opportunity to visit some of the most remarkable natural wonders in Iceland in a relaxed and convenient way, in a brand new, properly equipped and modified 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 model.

4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 model
4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser 2023 model

You will be traveling just like the locals do in the Icelandic Highland. It is also a scenic drive loaded with information from your highly knowledgeable local guide, Einar Páll Svavarsson, owner and creator of Hit Iceland, about the geology and geography of Iceland as well as the country’s history and literature. You will see and experience some of the most remarkable landforms on the planet as well as magnificent waterfalls. Additionally, you will get an infinite number of photo-taking opportunities whether you are a professional photographer or just taking a selfie.

An overview of the landscape towards Mt. Löðmundur
An overview of the landscape towards Mt. Löðmundur

You will be accompanied with a highly experienced Icelandic local driver guide with extensive knowledge about Iceland, geology, the country, people, history, and, more importantly, with years of experience driving on F highland roads in Iceland. It will be a drive to some of the most interesting places in Iceland, a hiking tour with a guide around Laugahraun lava field and up to the volcano Brennisteinsalda, and a dip into a natural geothermal pool (the real thing—not man-made like the Blue Lagoon).

Book your Landmannalaugar tour here

What is included?

A driver guide, a new modified 4X4 modified Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle, and fees for the service center and facilities in Landmannalaugar. A guided hike up to Mt. Brennisteinsalda.

What is not included?

Food, snacks, and drinks, so it is a good idea to bring snacks, water (soda), sandwiches, etc.

Good to know and have in mind

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable, especially in the highland. It is a place that is seldom particularly warm.

What to bring with you?

Hiking shoes and a swimsuit if you want to dip into the geothermal pool. We also advise you to bring warm clothes and a rain-resistant overlay. The driver will stop at service stations with small roadside convenience stores where you can purchase food and snacks if you don't bring food.


In the booking process below, you tell me where you prefer to be picked up in Reykjavík. I can also pick you up in Hveragerði, Selfoss or in accommodation close to those towns. Feel free to contact me and ask for special requests for pick up along the road to the intersection of road nr. 1 and road nr. 30.


CUSTOMERS REVIEWS From 2018 to 2023

Our day with Einar was the best day of our 12 day trip to Iceland!

The beauty, the hidden spots, the hike and all the knowledge that was shared was well worth the time and the investment for our trip to Landmannalaugar. I would highly encourage anyone who is thinking about a trip to Landmannalaugar to go with will love it!

Bobbie Sack-Parisi June 23th 2023

The tour with you was exceptional and superb

We want to commend you for the excellent tour we had with you few days ago. It is an unforgettable experience to say the least. Your encouragement made us to go all the way up and we both are proud that we did it, not knowing that we could make it. The tour with you was exceptional and superb and we enjoyed the drive, your knowledge, exceptional landscape and views and accomplishing the most strenuous hike with your relentless encouragement and of course the beautiful calm windless weather. Only thing we wish we had some walking sticks which would have helped going up and down the rough terrain.

R &J Tripuraneni California

Very safe driver and guide and helped us during the hike

We had a great day with Einar on the Landmannalaugar tour. Great communication before the tour to agree the best pick up point. Very punctual. Took us to some amazing places and even made an extra stop to see waterfalls that were not on the itinerary. Didn’t rush us at all. Very safe driver and guide and helped us during the hike on sections that were challenging. Would highly recommend.

Anna Verduyn

The tour into the Icelandic highlands, including a hike in Landmannalaugar, was fantastic

From the booking process to the organisation and execution of the tour - everything went perfectly. Einar already answered all our questions in advance and gave us a lot of information about Iceland and the highlands during the tour. He is an extremely friendly and competent tour guide and we felt very comfortable with him. Even though the trip was long, Einar made it entertaining with several stops. His car is comfortable and offers enough space. The highlight of the tour was the hike in Landmannalaugar. Wonderfull and very impressive. We can warmly recommend the tour with Einar to everyone. :)

Melanie Walker

The tour is a must

The landscapes are stunning and explanations from the guide are highly interesting!

Calli van Spaandonk

Excellent service, treatment and professionalism. We would repeat without hesitation !!!

We chose this excursion because after reading several companies and proposals it offered us privacy, a route with different visits and trekking. We were in Landmannalaugar last week (August). We loved it! Pick up at the hotel and several stops, each more spectacular, until you reach your destination. once there, time to eat and trekkin begins. Impressive views and effort, every climb, has a reward 10. Einar accompanied us at all times giving us explanations. Thank you very much Einer for all the commute conversations.


We could not have wished for a better introduction to the highlands.

We had a lovely trip on our first day in Iceland. Despite the rain on our hiking-trip we had a great time. Our guide Einar showed us some beautiful waterfalls of the main track, just awesome ! We especially liked the calmness of our guide and the kind reminder of our trip on the day before.

Monique Wijers

This was definitely the highlight of our 13 days in Iceland!

We had an amazing day touring the the Highlands and Landmannalaugar. Einar was the perfect tour guide as he gave us his perspective on life in Iceland as well as his extensive knowledge of the Highlands. The stops we made for photographs were absolutely stunning. The day almost didn't happen as a light snow several days before had made some of the roads difficult. But through Einar's contacts and persistence he was able to determine that we could safely make it to Landmannalaugur. He hiked through beautiful lava fields and almost made it to the top of a volcano before the snow made the trails too slippery. As our last item before heading home we relaxed in the geothermal river that runs through Landmannalugur. Thanks Einar

Mike Menne

The Landmannalaugar tour with Einar was terrific

It was the first thing we did in Iceland, and Einar gave us such a good foundation about various different aspects of the country. We would never have seen the highlands but for this trip, and even though the weather was pretty iffy, Landmannalaugur itself was a wonder, and the hike to the top of the volcano was great. We highly recommend it.

Katherine Barton

A perfect experience, highly recommended!

The trip was the highlight of my stay in Iceland and my wife and I really enjoyed spending the time with Einar and learning about the land and the culture from a native.

Charles Barker- September

This was a perfect end to our Iceland trip

We had driven the ring road on our own and wanted one guided tour to see some of the interior. There were a lot of choices but we are so glad we chose Hit Iceland and the Landmannalauger tour. Einar was friendly, helpful and full of information about the country, ancient history to present day. While we would have loved to hike longer, the mix of Einar's driving tour and the 3-hour hike was just right for a day trip. If we come back I would choose Hit Iceland again for sure.

Barbara Blacker

The views was amazing and truly beautiful

We joined Landmanalaugar day tour on September. Einar a very good and experiences guide are so friendly. Well worth it!

Chia Chin Liew

A perfect level of adventure for our family of four

This was a terrific tour. Einar is a personable font of knowledge, and took us to places we wouldn't have been comfortable driving on our own. The highlight was the 4.5 mi hike at Landmannalaugar, but the other stops were also impressive.

Benjamin Schwartz

I highly recommend the tour!

Amazing day!! We got to see places that weren't mentioned in the common tours companies, we had a lot of explanations and information from our guide, the drive was save and very interesting with him ! It was a great experience, very flexible organization and wonderful landscapes.

Léna Joyeux

Thanks a lot Einar for a very nice day

We have been lucky with a nice weather, and Einar has been an excellent guide, sharing his knowledge and experience in Iceland. A private tour that we definitely recommend.

Thierry Sourp- August 4th 2019

Tour of a lifetime!

This tour far exceeded my expectations. Highlight of our trip to Iceland!

Patrick Lucy

It was really nice tour

I can recommend it without any kind of doubt.

Ivan Menga

I would highly recommend this tour!

My husband and I along with our son and daughter in law went on the tour . We were celebrating my husband’s 60th birthday and Einar went out of the way to make it a very memorable celebratory day .He was with us hiking, talking and taking pictures for us . He was explaining all about Iceland during our drives continuously. I would highly recommend this tour ! He was very mindful during our hike of each of our capabilities and dealt with patience !

Sita Yanamadala

Probably the highlight of our whole trip to Iceland

Our trip to Landmannalaugar with Einar was probably the highlight of our whole trip to Iceland. Helped by great weather we saw some of the most breathtaking scenery I think we will ever see in our lives. Einar was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We learned a lot from him and enjoyed his gentle company. He paced the day really well and was very patient on the 3.5 hour hike to the top and back (he's a lot fitter than we are!). Thoroughly enjoyed the dip in the thermal river/pool at the end of the hike! A thoroughly enjoyable day and we highly recommend Einar and Hit Iceland.

Duncan Powell

The route was perfect and beautiful

Our time with Einar would not have been better! We were on the 4x4 highlands road and I only felt nothing more then 100% safe in everything that he did. We hiked to the top of a volcano and he took it very easy with me since I was just getting over an illness. He knew about secret areas that most didn't and the route was perfect and beautiful. His vehicle was very nice and the tour was private with just us! You would be crazy to go with any other tour company!

Rachael Sadler

Our Landmannalauger tour (June 21st) with Einar was the highlight of our trip to Iceland..

It's unique unworldly beauty is something you have to see to believe and well worth the extra effort needed to visit it. I considered many other tour companies but chose Einar with HitIceland knowing we would have our own guide with us on the trails, adequate time to complete the hiking loop (we're in our mid 60's) without feeling rushed, and since it turned out we were the only people on the tour we didn't have to follow a pre-determined schedule. The additional stops along the way were beautiful as well. Riding in his Land Cruiser was very comfortable (he is a very safe driver) and allowed us time to visit about the history, literature, politics, art, photography and geography of Iceland, all things that Einar has a deep interest in and is very knowledgeable about.

Sandra Branlund USA

Einar took us to amazing places that exceeded our expectations

This one day Landmannalaugar trek was certainly a highlight of our trip to Iceland. We highly recommend this tour with Einar, who is a great guide and a very pleasant person.

Daniel Lessa Bastos - Brazil - June 23rd 2019

Surpassed my expectations

It was an experience and wonderful places that we met. I recommend, thank you for having a very nice day.

Evelia Palacios Diaz - Mexico

We had a great time to Landamannalaugar

It sure takes some time to go there, but it’s really worth it. This is the place that we will remember most from our visit. The day was a really good day with sunshine, so we could see the nature far away. The pool after the hike was nice, but it’s a bit crowdy when you should change into your swimwear. That has to be done in a small toilet with people standing outside waiting. Einar was a good guide during the whole day!

Katarina Sandberg Hansson

...took us places that otherwise would have been impossible

This was an amazing experience for my wife and I as first-time visitors to Iceland. I'm a photographer that wanted to see the beauty of Iceland in the Highlands. Einar, our host guide, was amazing and made the visit to Landmannallaugar a trip to remember. Einar was extremely knowledgeable of the area and full of information relevant to our trip. He took us places that otherwise would have been impossible for us to find and photograph. Having looked at other adventure trips into the Highland, this one far exceeded our expectations with a cost component far better than other service providers. I highly recommend this tour with Einar to everyone wanting to get visit Landmannalogugar.

Dominick and Barbara Mangiardi - California

We enjoyed litteraly every minute of the tour

Amazing! We got a nice guide who new the most beautiful hidden places where nobody else stopped. And they were really worth seeiing. We enjoyed litteraly every minute of the tour to landmannalaugar.

Jildou Visser - USA

This trip was the highlight of our trip to Iceland

We had a great time with Einar, who picked us on time at our hotel and had a pleasant conversation during our drive. Einar is quite knowledgeable about Icelandic culture and history and shared many stories. Took us off the beaten path to see spectacular sights. This trip was the highlight of our trip to Iceland.

Bhaskara Tripuraneni - USA

Muy recomendable

Lo descubrí casualmente y la experiencia fue excelente, Einar con su excelente atención y conocimiento de la zona, hizo que la jornada fuera inolvidable, nos enseñó rincones que no hubiéramos conocido sin el y nos acompañó durante el paseo que dimos dándonos detalles de lo que visitábamos. Muy recomendable.

Lucas Peinado Mataix - Spain

Einar was full of information, and took us to some really beautiful places as well as the Landmannalaugar area.

My wife and I took this tour on our last full day in Iceland, and were lucky to have a personal tout on the day with just the two of us. Einar was full of information, and took us to some really beautiful places, that were tourist free, as well as the Landmannalaugar area. The tour is very spectacular, and the walk up the trail as Landmannalaugar is really spectacular. My only advice is to wear good walking shoes, as the terrain can be a bit precarious at the top of the mountain. Some people took walking poles, we didn't have any so we didn't and still made it ok. The trail to the top of the sandy coloured mountain is about 7km. Be sure to take warm layers of clothing, and your camera. A mobile phone is a good start, but a DSLR is better as the views are quite unique to this area. The mountains are colourful from the various minerals including obsidian, we saw shades of green, blue, orange, red, black and yellow, all of which changed with the varying levels of light. I went on a similar tour 10 years ago, and saw new things on this trip that I had not read about in tourist guides elsewhere.

Ben Drury - Australia

Einar showed us three beautiful spots before we arrived at Landmannalaugar

We had an unforgettable trip with Einar to Landmannalaugar! We stayed in Selfoss, so Einar was so friendly to pick us up at our house there. There was no one else, so it was a real private tour for us (3 people). It was a beautiful sunny day after a lot of rain, so the colourful mountains were amazing. Einar showed us three beautiful spots before we arrived at Landmannalaugar. Because of the good weather we did a 2,5 hour hike up the mountain with him. Amazing views at the top. Then there was time to take a bath in the hot pool (bring your swimwear!). Then we drove back. Einar told us many things about the landscape, the vulcanoes, and gave us tips which places we should visit in Iceland. We had an amazing day with him, later on he sent us some pictures he took during the trip. Thank you Einar!

Roos, Hugo and Eric de Thouars - Netherlands

One of the highlights of our trip to Iceland

The Highlands tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Iceland — a truly remarkable experience. Einar was knowledgeable and a fantastic guide. Highly recommended!

Ken Kim - USA

This day tour was perfect!.

The most complete and not most expensive day tour, comparared with those proposed by other companies A private tour (max 4 persons) for a very reasonable price. In a very comfortable and spacious jeep, Einar, guide and founder of Hit Iceland company, who has spent most of his childhood in Landmannalaugar. will give you much information as possible on this site ( he is also a journalist). In summary: a trek in lava fields, a bath in a natural hot pool, a volcano crater, waterfalls .... make this day a memorable day!

Nelly - France

The tour was great, full of explanations and nice chats. Landscapes are gorgeous

Our tour with Einar was a really outmost experience. We choose the one day "Landmannalaugar highland adventure & Geothermal Pool tour". We were the only 2 participants so it was a real "private" tour ! Einar was so kind to pick us up at our place in Reykjavík even if on a short notice. The tour was great, full of explanations and nice chats. Landscapes are gorgeous, Landmannalaugar is for sure a not to miss place. Einar came also with us during a short (abt. 2 hrs) hike up to Brennisteinsalda volcano: breathtaking ! The short dip in the pools at the end was as well great ! Worth the price, I would definitely reccomend it! Thank you again Einar and warmest regards to your daughter as well !

Tiziana and Barbara - Italy

Amazing experience.

It was a amazing experience, the place and our guide Einar were so good. Thank you very much

Eva Pajares Lopez - Spain

The place was awsome

It was a wonderful experience. The guid was very patient and had good knowledge about the area. It was a nice private tour to have in iceland. The place was awsome.

swapnil Jain - India

Very god value for money

Very nice tour with Einar, who is very knowledgeable. Told us a lot about Island and the geology around. We saw many spectacular views. Very god value for money:-) I can only recommend this tour / operator.

Kim Nielsen - Danemark

This was one of the highlights of our trip!

We traveled in a truck with 2 other travellers. Our guide, Einar, was very knowledgeable about Icelandic history and the area which made the experience even better. On the way into the highlands, we stopped at a river canyon and a crater lake which were absolutely stunning. At Landmannalauger, we hiked through lava fields and up the the volcano peak. The views were surreal! Afterwards, we got to take a dip in the hot spring at the base. I felt that this was a much more personalized experience than a large group tour, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to visit the highlands.

Mayra Acord - USA

Truly a wonderful experience

Beautiful place. Just as enjoyable is the trip with Einar, whose love for and knowledge of Iceland is worth the cost of the trip. Truly a wonderful experience.

Daniel Fultz - USA

It’s a mind blowing experience

Highly recommended! It’s a mind blowing experience to have visited one of the most remote and remarkable natural wonders in Iceland. Every single view is unbelievably amazing! Most lucky to have found an experienced guide Einar who drove us safely to Landmannalaugar. Along the way we enjoyed stunning views of large lava fields, volcanic crater and magnificent waterfalls. We took a much longer hike in the highlands through impressive hot springs and rhyolite mountains of many different colors. Einar was kind enough to introduce us to more of Landmannalaugar by extending our hiking from 2 hours to 4 hours at no extra cost. All of us returned back to Reykjavik happily exhausted :) Thank you!!

Ai Li Lim - Singapore

this tour was just as advertised

This tour was a wonderful start to our 10 day long trip to Iceland. We covered a lot of ground and got to see some breathtaking views. Einar also provided us with some very interesting background into the history of Iceland. All in all, this tour was just as advertised and vastly exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended !

Vinay Shetty -

Overall it was an excellant tour

Our experience with Hit Iceland and Einar was very good. Landmannalaugar is a very beautiful place along with many interesting spots to see on the way. Einar was a very friendly and informative guide. Overall it was an excellant tour.

Ravitheja Addepally - Germany

I find my journey extraordinary because of the landscape

Despite the not so good weather, I find my journey extraordinary because of what the landscape you visit with your own eyes. Plus with Einar (our guide) he's been giving a lot of good knowledge about Iceland. And I love the fact that this tour doesn't force you to pay for the whole 4 peoples if you have only 1 or 2..

Jiranuj Kamolvisit


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