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About Hit Iceland

einar pall svavarsson

Einar Páll Svavarsson

Hello, my name is Einar Páll Svavarsson, and I am a photo and private tour guide, Landscape Photographer, and travel writer with years of experience traveling and photographing landscapes and natural wonders in Iceland. I have been to most places of interest and photographed landscapes in Iceland for decades.  As a political scientist educated at the University of Iceland, I know a lot about Iceland's history, current affairs, and political landscape in Iceland. I have written hundreds of articles on my website about Iceland, places in Iceland, remote areas in the Highland, and people in Iceland, and discovered places of interest, like the now famous Stuðlagil Canyon, that became significant tourist attractions. My articles and photos have also been published on other websites and in Magazines.

In addition to Iceland, I have lived in Toronto in, Canada. Also in the US, Seattle, Washington, and San Diego, California, for many years. I am also an experienced and certified driver when it comes to highland tracks and remote areas in Iceland. Landscape photography is my lifelong passion, and I have traveled to most places of interest when it comes to landscape and breathtaking places to take photos in my native country Iceland. Over the years, I have become a local expert. 

I hope you enjoy my website and photos. The photos are taken all over the island and should reflect the wide variety in landform and the endless possibilities Iceland can offer to photographers. 

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