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Terms & conditions

Hit Iceland is a website owned and operated by a fully licensed Icelandic tour company, Emstrur sf. Hit Iceland is one of the largest information websites that offer knowledge and facts about natural wonders and places in Iceland with over 350 articles. Hit Iceland is also a tour operator. We do not gather any information about visitor's behavior on our website. 

Emstrur sf. makes an effort to have the information available on the website as accurately as possible. However, any published content by Emstrur sf. on may include mistakes or inaccuracies and may, over time, become out of date. We make no guarantees about the accuracy of the information contained on this website for any other purpose. The information is provided without warranty of any kind.

By using this website, you agree that Emstrur sf. shall in no way be liable for any direct or indirect damages or significant losses of any kind related to the use of this website or any information contained in it.

Limitation of Liability

Emstrur sf. the owner of Emstrur sf. is a tour operator. Accordingly, Emstrur sf. can not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, death, damages, losses, delays, inconvenience, loss of time, delays, expenses, or any other loss or damage, direct or indirect, which the traveler or other persons accompanying the traveler may suffer. Liabilities as a result of or arising from the part of the operator, guide, or his/her services. If you have any incidents and complaints regarding a tour booked through Emstrur sf. ( please contact us, so we can assist you with your problem.


A cancellation fee of 100% is charged if canceled 20 days or less before the event.

A Cancellation fee of 75% is charged if canceled 30 days or less before the event.

Most travel insurance cover unexpected events within 30 days, so make sure you are familiar with your personal travel insurance and the travel insurance of your credit card. 

If Hit Iceland cancels the tour due to unexpected events or weather, no cancellation fee is charged. 

Because of the COVID-19 situation and unusual times, we repay all tours if a test or delay at the border prevents people from taking the tour. Also, if you have to cancel the tour to Iceland because of other cancellations, like flight cancellations or change of regulations, etc.

Privacy policy

All personal information will be strictly confidential and will not be given or sold to a third party.

Governing Law / Jurisdiction clause

These Terms and Conditions are in accordance with Icelandic law. Any disputes regarding these terms and conditions shall be resolved exclusively in Icelandic courts.

Visitor Analytics
Visitor Analytics is a simple website analytics service that measures traffic on our website and collects general information from our website visitors. We create statistics to improve the experience of our website visitors. We never use cookies for this purpose.

As a website operator using Visitor Analytics to conduct reach measurement, depending on the level of data protection we have activated, we may process information about the device you are using and its characteristics, information about technical characteristics of the website visit, the number of page visits and statistically relevant behavior of our website visitors. The technology does not use the collected data to identify individual visitors or to match the data with additional information about an individual user.

Depending on the location from which you access our website, Visitor Analytics may not collect any information about the device you are using due to our technical settings

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