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Glymur is the highest waterfall in Iceland

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Glymur waterfall
Glymur waterfall the highest waterfall in Iceland

Glymur waterfall, with a cascade of 198 m, is the highest waterfall in Iceland. Glymur is part of the river Botnsá in Hvalfjörður and falls alongside the Hvalfell mountain into a steep canyon. Glymur is both a bit difficult to visit and challenging to view. A hiking trail to the waterfall is accessible from a parking area by the road. On the other hand, it is interesting to hike to the top of the waterfall along marked trails for the best view. Unfortunately, you can only observe the waterfall from the east side. The trail begins by passing through a gate and a short walk along a road marked by yellow-painted rocks. A few hundred meters along the road, the trail drops over a small cliff face and descends through a cave down to the river.

West Region in Iceland on map
West Region in Iceland on map

During summer, a small wooden pole across the river with an adjacent cable for a handhold, where hikers can cross to the eastern side. Here the trail climbs steeply through muddy, rocky, and loose gravel areas and, at times, skirts steep drop-offs. In 1-2 km, you will reach the place most ideal for viewing the waterfall. You can, of course, hike further upwards to fully enjoy the spectacular view of the Hvalfjörður fjord, its unusual flora and fauna, and, of course, the majestic mountains.

If you start in Reykjavík city, you drive on road nr. 1 towards the west region. Before entering the tunnel that leads under Hvalfjörður fjord, you turn east on road nr. 47. This is the road that leads to the head of the fjord, where you take a turn to the east towards the parking lot at Glymur waterfall.


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