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Glanni waterfall

Updated: Jun 19

Glanni waterfall in the west region in Iceland
Glanni waterfall in the west region in Iceland

The Glanni waterfall on the Norðurá river is believed to be home to elves and gnomes—and believe you me, that is of great importance to the Icelanders, who have immense respect for these invisible beings which, according to popular belief, coexist with humans in perfect harmony. Glanni is by no means the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, nor is it the largest. You will also not find it on any list of spectacular waterfalls. Indeed, in many respects, it is a rather ordinary waterfall. However, its allure is that it is part of the Norðurá river, one of the best rivers in Iceland for salmon fishing.

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West Region on Map of Iceland
West Region on Map of Iceland

Norðurá is often referred to as the most beautiful river in Iceland. The surrounding landscape, with its small hills, tiny canyons housing the stream, beautiful rapids, expansive vegetation, and glorious lava rocks, perfectly conveys its beauty, and Glanni as well as the other waterfalls surrounding the Norðurá river only add to this glory. Therefore, the Glanni waterfall is more precisely something that you need to experience with reference to everything around it, rather than as the sole attraction. This principle also applies to the part of the Borgarfjörður region that you would have to drive through when visiting the waterfall. Additionally, the landscape around Glanni is quite diverse due to its proximity to ancient lava fields.

How to find Glanni waterfall

When driving in Borgarfjörður on road no. 1, which is close to Bifröst, you need to be on the lookout for road no. 5257, which would lead you to Glanni and a small 9-hole golf course. In terms of weather, this is one of Iceland’s most genial areas. Here, you will be sure to find fragrant woods and colorful fauna nearby. Moreover, after hiking from the parking area by the golf club, the Glanni area is ideal location for a picnic and is sure to offer you the most tranquil experience. Afterward, you can take a short hike toward a viewing panel by the river and get an excellent view of the Glanni waterfall. This happens to be a perfect spot for photoshoots. However, be careful! Once you are at the waterfall, you cannot stand by its edge as it is too close to the river's deepest part. But then again, your visit is not about experiencing the edge but rather about enjoying the beauty of the river and the waterfall.

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