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Blönduós is a small town in north Iceland by the Ring Road

Updated: Mar 28

Blönduós town by the Ring Road
Blönduós is one of the popular spots on the Ring Road

Blönduós is a small town with a population of approximately 880 as of January 2022. The town has always been an important service center and a popular pit stop for those traveling between the southern and the northern part of Iceland. Also, it is one of the popular spots on the Ring Road for people looking to view the natural beauty of Iceland. The village is located near the Vatnsnes Peninsula, beside some stunning natural wonders. Hvítserkur and Borgarvirki on the east side of Vatnsnes and many interesting natural wonders such as Kálfhamarsvík and Kolugljúfur. Blönduós, which means the mouth of the river Blanda, is one of the busiest tourist stops in Iceland. People traveling through the Ring Road stop here to rest, eat, and fill the tank. It is also ideal for a short stay of a day or two for exploring the fascinating nature and surroundings. One of the main characteristics of Blönduós is the river Blanda that splits the town into the south side and the north side.

An agricultural service village by the shore

Swimming pool Blönduós
Swimming pool in Blönduós

Although mentioned in one of the Sagas as a landing place for boats, the town never became a fishing town in the typical Icelandic sense. It is probably the only town or village by the shoreline in Iceland that never developed into a fishing community. One reason might be the fertile soil and large farms in the surrounding area. Blönduós has been, from the beginning, more of a service center for agriculture and trading. The village is more like the inland towns of Selfoss and Hella in the southern region and Egilsstaðir in the east.

Most of the homes are single-family houses

Bland river in Blönduós
The river Blanda in Blönduós village

Like many towns and villages across Iceland, Blönduós didn't emerge as a village until the late 19th century. On the other hand, there are a few old houses in the village from the first half of the 20th century, on the south side of the river. The beautiful little church is from the late 19th century. Most of the houses are single-family houses built in the 50s through to the 80s. There is also an apartment building, but, historically, Icelanders prefer to live in single-family homes, particularly in small towns and villages. Blönduós is like most Icelandic towns and villages in the "warm" area. It is a "green" village with the amenity of sustainable geothermal heating.

Blönduós offers good service to its residents

Homes in Blönduós village

Most of the livelihood in Blönduós revolves around agriculture, service and tourism. It is considered an excellent town to live in, with good quality service for its residents. Education has always been a priority; thus, Blönduós has good schools, from preschool to secondary schools. The town also has excellent healthcare facilities for its residents and even a hospital serving the nearby agricultural area and nearby towns. Early on, Blönduós had a community center, an excellent sports facility, and a good swimming pool like most Icelandic towns and villages. The camping site is quite good, located at a beautiful spot by the river Blanda. Blönduós also offers a variety of accommodation, restaurants, cafés, and a good grocery store. If you choose to accommodate in Blönduós while traveling in Iceland, an evening stroll in the bright summer evenings by the south side of the river and a visit to the oldest part of the village must be on your itinerary.


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