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Tálknafjörður Sea Angling village in the West Fjords

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Harbor Tálknafjörður village
The small harbor at Tálknafjörður village in West Fjords

Tálknafjörður is a relatively new village in historical terms, similar to many towns and villages that developed around the shoreline in Iceland after the introduction of motorboats. There is little history before the town started to grow in the early twentieth century. It is a typical, tiny village whose existence and development hinged on the easy access to the fishing grounds right outside the coast and the natural conditions ideal for a harbor. In the late forties, a wharf was built, which paved the way for a fish processing plant in the fifties. Thus, from the beginning, everything in this village has evolved around fish and fishing. Most of the residents work in the fishing industry, or their livelihood depends on services related to it.

Tálknafjörður is still a separate municipality.

Church in Tálknafjörður
Tálknafjörður has the most beautiful church.

Today, most of the residents of Tálknafjörður still work in the fishing industry. Unfortunately, the fishing quota system that the Icelandic Government created in 1990 turned growth around for most of the tiny villages in the West Fjords. In the past few decades, their economy has declined and their small population has shrunk further. Even though Tálknafjörður is a small village, it failed to see any advantages in merging with its neighbors into a larger municipality; hence, it remains a separate community. This may seem incomprehensible to outsiders, but it likely feels entirely logical for the approximately 260 residents of the tiny village.

The Tálknafjörður community is of interest to people traveling to Iceland.

Swimming pool in Tálknafjörður
A beautiful swimming pool in Tálknafjörður

Owing to the great emphasis Iceland places on education and quality service for its residents, Tálknafjörður, like most towns and villages, has an excellent preschool and a combined primary and elementary school. Moreover, the town also has a library, a community center, a sports center, and the most beautiful swimming pool as well as appropriate social services. Although geothermal heating is uncommon in West Fjords, the swimming pool, sports center, and the school at Tálknafjörður have geothermal heating. Homes and other buildings are heated with electricity.

Tálknafjörður, like many other villages, is turning to tourism.

Homes in Tálknafjörður
Homes built in the nineteen-seventies in Tálknafjörður

Today, more and more people are visiting Iceland to explore the stunning landscapes and fascinating history of the Westfjords. Furthermore, the residents are taking matters into their own hands, determined to turn things around. More people are looking to enter the service and tourism sector to sustain themselves so that they can continue to live in the place they love. One of the more exciting ventures one can find in the West Fjords is Iceland Sea Angling in Tálknafjörður. Moreover, fish farming has helped enhance the economic base of this small village in the recent years. Thus, Tálknafjörður has moved toward tourism and has amenities such as an excellent swimming pool, a nearby restaurant, and decent accommodation.

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