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Dynjandi waterfall in West Fjords, a pure joy

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Dynjandi waterfall
Dynjandi waterfall in the West Fjords in Iceland

Dynjandi is one of Iceland's most spectacular waterfalls and natural wonders as well as the largest waterfall in the West Fjords. It is an important part of the West Fjords scenic drive and one of the region's foremost natural wonders and tourist attractions. The source of the waterfall traces its origin to the upland above, to lakes and high-volume spring-fed rivers. When you drive the Dynjandisheiði mountain pass, you drive by the river that is the source. The waterfall consists of seven waterfalls that each have a name and identity. Therefore, Dynjandi is more than just a waterfall; it is a banquet of waterfalls and one of the most beautiful constructions by mother nature that you will ever see. Visiting the waterfalls and hiking the trail is almost like entering another dimension or church.

Hiking up to Dynjandi

The many waterfalls of Dynjandi
Dinjandi is a waterfall feast with many waterfalls

The hiking trail from the parking lot all the way up to the highest, and most impressive part, the Dynjandi waterfall, is pure joy and something no one who visits this area should miss. For anyone visiting Dynjandi, it is crucial to stay on the path and not walk outside the marked track. The uppermost waterfall Dynjandi is 100 meters high. You will recognize it from quite some distance. It is reminiscent of a bridal veil because it is 30 meters in diameter on top and 60 meters in diameter at the bottom. If you walk all the way to the top, you can stand quite close to the beautiful bridal veil as the waterfall has a convenient flow and does not seem intimidating. Another name for this waterfall is “The Mountain Fall” (Fjallfoss). Still, Dynjandi is the original name that has also defined the names of many other places nearby, and no wonder; it means “thunderous”, and indeed, the closer you get, the clearer you will hear its thundering voice.

The seven waterfalls of Dynjandi

Dynjandi waterfall
Dynjandi is one of the most interesting waterfalls in Iceland

While each of the six waterfalls beneath the main waterfall Dynjandi is breathtaking, the cumulative effect of the seven waterfalls makes Dynjandi so impressive. The sound, power, and sheer volume of water is unbelievable, as you will sense when hiking the trail. The hike up to the bridal veil and back should take about an hour and a half to two hours, depending on how much you enjoy it. Of course, the slower you walk, the more you enjoy it. The names of the waterfalls from the top are; Dynjandi, Hæstahjallafoss, Strompgljúfrafoss, Göngumannfoss, Hríðsvaðsfoss, Hundafoss and Bæjarfoss (sometimes also referred to as Sjónarfoss). Each is a joy to view and photograph. A photographer can easily spend up to six hours by Dynjandi and all the other beautiful waterfalls on a good day.

Take your time to sense the positive energy

Dynjandi waterfall in West Fjords
Dynjandi waterfall is a beautiful natural wonder in West Fjords

Dynjandi is located at a lovely place at the bottom of the long fjord Arnarfjörður, which is an excellent place to take a break when traveling the West Fjords. You only have to be reasonably fit to walk from the car park to Dynjandi on top of the trail. It is a bit uphill through a combination of slopes and stairs. You can stop now and then to rest while you read the signposts. People have often wondered what gives Dynjandi its extraordinary energy. Over the centuries, the Icelanders believed supernatural beings lived in all seven waterfalls. Some still believe it today as they are very hypnotic. Dynjandi is more than just a stunning natural wonder. It is a place of joy, meditation, relaxation, and a peaceful connection to mother nature and her positive energy.

Dynjandi waterfall
The beautiful waterfall Dynjandi in Arnarfjörður fjord West Fjords Iceland


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