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Best time to photograph Seljalandsfoss

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Evening summer Seljalandsfoss waterfall
The best time of year to take stunning photos is from the end of May until the beginning of July.

Few places that are popular tourist attractions in Iceland are photographed more than Seljalandsfoss waterfall. There are many reasons as anyone can see just by doing an image search on Google. To begin with, it is without doubt a beautiful waterfall and an astonishing creation of nature. It is located by the Ring Road in Iceland and is easily accessible for anyone who has a car. If you are travelling the south region or the full Ring Road you can't miss it. It is also almost by the foot of the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull. But last but not least it is a joy to photograph as the result is often stunning. Seljalandsfoss is also a very friendly waterfall, not too small and not large and intimidating with high volume of water.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is beautiful from all angles

Seljalandsfoss in summer
Seljalandsfoss in summer

You can take photos of Seljalandsfoss straight in front of the waterfall, on each side, from above from the slopes south of the waterfall, and even behind and the result is almost always a beautiful photo. You can take a picture from behind as Seljalandsfoss falls over a large opening in the cliff and also has a walking path behind the water. Walking the path and stopping to take photos from benind is an thrilling experience. From any angle the Seljalandsfoss waterfall is always stunning.

Best time to photograph

Winter by Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Winter by Seljalandsfoss waterfall

For any time of the year the best time to photograph Seljalandsfoss is from four to five in the afternoon if you want to include the sunlight. The sun doesn't shine on the front of the waterfall until the afternoon. Sometimes this doesn't matter if the day is loaded with clouds. During winter the daylight is only available for a short time. The best time of year to take stunning photos of Seljalandsfoss waterfall is from the end of May until the beginning of July. At this time around 8 to 11 in the evening the sun is low and is right in front of the waterfall. This is when all the beautiful photos from behind the water are taken with the sun shining with its orange color through the drizzle. So if you are planning a photographic tour to Seljalandsfoss this is the best time to take stunning photos.


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